Mobile Containment Module


This equipment is essential for optimal prevention of cross contamination of contaminated dust (molds or other) or non-contaminated dust.

The BioCube™ Elite 1 also prevents nosocomial infections during construction or maintenance work. This innovative equipment is a portable work tool that adequately insulates and protects the exterior environment from dust and contaminants displaced in the air during inspections or maintenance work.

The BioCube™ Elite 1 is made of sturdy fabric and mounted on a mobile platform. A powerful air purifier with HEPA or specialized UV system is integrated to create negative air pressure inside the cube. Fully removable, it can be adjusted to the desired height.


Model description :

– 33’’ Width 6’ Length
– Telescopic pole adjustable up to 12’ or 14’ feet height
– Floor made of non-slip aluminum with 8 built-in wheels
– Hermetic, stain-resistant and washable canvas
– Compressed air Intake, vacuum outlet and electrical – Outlet indoor and outdoor
– Includes 600 CFM air purifier to keep negative pressure in enclosure


When removing heat thermal insulation containing asbestos from oversized boilers, tanks and pipes, where workers are exposed to asbestos dust, fibers and other contaminants. Normally, for work generating more than 0.3 m3 of debris the high-risk protocol is required. Plus, there are however other risks implicated in the process like falls due to wet surfaces and stress created by wearing a full-face mask and having to take showers.

Preventive measures and results:

We designed a modular glove bag to provide an additional physical barrier between contaminants and workers. The Modular glove bag is made with a translucent tear-resistant plastic. It is used in combination with a dust suppressing foam. Custom-designed, the dimensions are custom-designed for different shapes and sizes of the equipment. In addition, the versatility of the modular bag makes it possible to work on a tank, boiler or pipe of very large dimensions without stopping the operation in the boiler or mechanical room. This innovation makes it possible to switch from a high-risk protocol to a moderate risk one, while eliminating cross-contamination and added indoor air quality testing following high-risk abatement project.