Spraying Systems

spraying systems

Sprays perfectly the corners. With this approach there is no area that will not be covered by the coating.


Automated and Manual.

– System multiposition
– Buse Squirting conically.
– Conduit Dimension 10″x 8″ to 36″ x 36″.
– A Nozzle included
– Pump: DC-5500

Kit includes:
– 50′ hose with valve ¼”OD x 50′ 1
– Starts 14″ long with pivoting nozzle 1
– Adaptateur Robot 1

Manual lance spraying system

Automated and Manual.

With its unique multi positioning system, our spraying lance is designed to spray either decontaminant or coating with 360-degree capability.

– Hose length: 150` with valve system
– Duct size: 10″ x 8″ to 36″ x 36″
– Compatible with different liquid thicknesses from simple water to thick coating.